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Dr. Yetkin Borlu
Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology
2015  Borlu, Yetkin and Leland Glenna. "Fostering Consent in a Post-Fordist Regime: The Case of Industrial Maize Farming in Turkey." Pp. 17-40 in States and Citizens: Accommodation, Facilitation and Resistance to Globalization: Current Perspectives in Social Theory Vol. 34, edited by Jon Shefner. Emerald.
2015  Borlu, Yetkin. “A Story of Post-Fordist Exploitation: Financialization and Small-Scale Maize Farmers in Turkey.” Rural Sociology, 80 (2): 173-97.
2014    Schafft, Kai, Leland Glenna, Brandn Green, and Yetkin Borlu. “Local Impacts of Unconventional Gas Development within Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale Region: Gauging Boomtown Development through the Perspectives of Educational Administrators.” Society and Natural Resources. 27 (4): 389-404.
2013    Schafft, Kai, Yetkin Borlu, and Leland Glenna. “The Relationship between Marcellus Shale Gas Development in Pennsylvania and Local Perceptions of Risk and Opportunity.” Rural Sociology, 78: 143-166.
Additional Publications
2013    Dixon, Jeffrey C., Yetkin Borlu, and Duygu Kasdogan. “Moving ‘East’ or ‘West’? Examining Liberal-Democratic Values in Turkey, 2000-2008.” European Societies 15 (3): 753-79.
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University 2014
Rural Sociology
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Weinstein Hall
(804) 289-8067
Areas of Expertise
Critical Political Economy
Development Sociology
Rural Sociology
Environmental Sociology
Mixed Research Methods
Spatial Statistical Analysis