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The James A. Sartain Award

Dr. Sartain was a professor of sociology from 1963 to 1986. This award was established by the department in 1987 in his memory. Dr. Sartain loved the department, his colleagues, and above all, his students. Education was his mission in life. He received the University’s Distinguished Educator Award in 1986. The Sartain Award is awarded to a graduating senior sociology major who best exemplifies the qualities personified by Dr. Sartain: scholarship, humanitarianism, integrity, and commitment to the ideals of the University of Richmond.

Metasebia Tesfaye Tessema, 2022 Sartain Award recipient.

Past Sartain Award Recipients

1987  Laurie Hallock

1988  Kymber Williams

1989  Rhonda Biller

1990  Suzanne Lavigne

1991  Tim Holtz

1992  Phyllis Hollimon

1993  Cheryl Schott

1994  Allison Burris

1995  Rebecca Nusse

1996  Morgan C. Benton

1997  Debra L. Eng

1998  Chris Wright

1999  Elizabeth Counselman

2000  Amanda C. Coyle

2001  Stina K. Augustsson

2002  David Walter Gordon

2003  Derek R. Noel

2004  Tyrone Spence Hanley

2005  Jilian M. Crocker

2006  Colleen Warner Carney

2007  Meredith F. Hundley

2008  Sarah Ellen Potter

2009  Gaybrielle B. James

2010  Zoe Lilah Silverman

2011 Elizabeth Bunn Hailand

2012  Lauren Marie Camuso

2013  Long P.T. Trinh

2014  Liza Fleming

2015  Gigi DeJoy

2016  Dionna Gandy

2017  Madison Dunbar

2018 Sidra Siddiqui

2019 Jacob Roberson

2020 Jaide Hinds-Clarke

2021 Brianna Lebeck

2022 Metasebia Tesfaye Tessema