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The Department of Sociology & Anthropology combines the study of people and cultures and produces students who are not only aware of the history and significance of humankind but who are also cognizant of how our actions impact the world in which we live.

Department News

Congratulations to Jacob Roberson, 2018 recipient of the Henry H. Stewart scholarship and Sidra Siddiqui, 2018 James A. Sartain winner!

Faculty Highlights

  • French Named Distinguished Educator

    Anthropology professor Jan French was named a 2018 University of Richmond Distinguished Educator.

  • Husain Article

    Sociology professor Atiya Husain published "Are Jews white?" in Slate.

  • Grollman Book

    Sociology professor Eric Grollman recently published the book Counternarratives from Women of Color Academics.

  • Grollman Articles

    Dr. Eric Grollman published “Sexual Orientation Differences in Whites’ Racial Attitudes,” in Sociological Forum and “Americans’ Gender Attitudes at the Intersection of Sexual Orientation and Gender,” in the Journal of Homosexuality.

  • Grollman Article

    Dr. Eric Grollman, with Nao Hagiwara, published "Measuring Self-Reported Discrimination: Trends in Question Wording Used in Publicly Accessible Datasets”  in Social Currents.

  • Sweis Articles and Chapter

    Dr. Rania Sweis recently published the article "Security and the Traumatized Street Child: How Gender Shapes International Psychiatric Aid in Cairo" in the journal Medical Anthropology Quarterly; the article "Children as Biological Sufferers: The Paradox of International Medical Aid for Homeless Children in Cairo," in the journal Childhood; and the book chapter titled "Do Muslim Village Girls Need Saving? Critical Reflections on Gender and the Suffering Child in International Aid" in the forthcoming book, The Status of Women and Girls: A Global Perspective (Lexington Books).

  • Richards Article

    Dr. Bedelia Richards recently published "Tracking and Racialization in Schools" in the journal Sociology of Race and Ethnicity.

  • Grollman Article

    Dr. Eric Grollman published “Sexual Health and Multiple Forms of Discrimination Among Heterosexual Youth” in the journal Social Problems.

  • Ransom Chapter

    Dr. Elizabeth Ransom contributed a chapter “Agriculture Science and Technology: Tensions and Contradictions” in the recently published International Handbook of Rural Studies.

  • Grollman Article

    Dr. Eric Grollman coauthored an article in the Sociological Forum journal, “The Social Costs of Gender Nonconformity for Transgender Adults: Implications for Discrimination and Health.” His research was profiled on GAYRVA.COM.

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The University of Richmond's Scholarship Repository shares faculty publications with a world-wide audience. The map below shows where articles from sociology and anthropology faculty are being read around the globe.

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