The Department of Sociology & Anthropology is dedicated to increasing learning through close research collaboration between faculty and students. The department offers a research practicum (398) in which students may opt to take part. As participants, they gain first-hand research experience collecting primary data and contributing to a project that is significant in scale and scope. By the conclusion of the project, students have gained special knowledge and skills that help provide solutions to relevant social problems.

To participate, students should have taken Sociology 101, Sociology 300 and six additional hours of sociology coursework. They must also receive permission from the department chair and have found a faculty member who will agree to supervise their study.

Summer Research
Students can apply for research fellowships through the School of Arts & Sciences to support on-campus research over the summer. The grants include a stipend to cover living expenses for a 10-week period. In order to apply, students must have a primary faculty member to work with during the summer.

Independent Study
Students may also opt to take an independent study course if they wish to explore a particular interest while earning academic credit. Students enjoy an individualized educational program designed by themselves and the faculty member whom is supervising the course.

In order to apply for an independent study course, students must have taken Sociology 101 and have received permission from the department chair. In addition, the faculty member supervising the course must have signed the departmental approval form.