Richmond Home
Visiting Lecturer of Sociology
Professor of Anthropology
Professor of Anthropology
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Latin America
Legal and Political Anthropology
Human Rights
Anthropological Theory
Associate Professor of Sociology
Social change
Russia and East Europe
West Europe (esp. the United Kingdom)
War (specifically, the Blockade of Leningrad)
Power and culture
Institutions and Institutional change
Economic sociology
Political sociology
Complex organizations
Affiliated Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology
Racial Justice
Sexuality and Gender
Institutional Change
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Islamic Medicine
Traditional Medicine and Biomedicine in Southeast Asia and Beyond
Mothering, Midwifery and Ethnic Identity in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Political Autonomy and Ethnic Identity in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Irving May Professor of Human Relations, Professor of Sociology
Africana Studies Advisory Board Member
Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
African American culture
Hip Hop/Rap
Content Analysis
Racial Identity
Black/Africana Studies
Associate Professor of Sociology
Race and Ethnic Relations
Social Inequality
Caribbean Immigrants
Visiting Lecturer of Sociology
Drugs and Drug Policy
Social Control, Governance, and Power
The Body and Embodiment
Health and Medicine
Institutional formation and authority
Criminalization and Medicalization
Social theory
Associate Professor of Anthropology
The Middle East and North Africa
Critical medical anthropology
Humanitarianism and global health
Global poverty and international aid
Structural violence and social suffering
Transnational feminist theory
Ethnographic theory and research methods
Visiting Lecturer of Anthropology
Gender Ethnicity
Social Justice
Domestic Violence
Administrative Coordinator