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Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman
Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman
Associate Professor of Sociology
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Advisory Board Member

Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman (they/them/theirs) is an Associate Professor at the University of Richmond and a Black queer non-binary scholar-activist. They are a scholar, broadly defined, placing importance on research, teaching, and service, as well as the connections among these domains of the academy.

As a scholar, Dr. Grollman investigates the impact of prejudice and discrimination on the lives of oppressed communities, particularly individuals who are marginalized in multiple ways (e.g., LGBTQ people of color). In one line of research, they study the negative effects of discrimination on victims’ mental, physical, and sexual health and well-being. In another, they examine whether discrimination shapes minorities’ social and political attitudes, particularly their feelings toward other minority groups.

As a teacher, Dr. Grollman helps students to develop a sociologically-informed view of the world, as well as the ability to understand and make use of theory and findings from research. They also encourage their students to think critically, connect course materials to current events and their own lives, and appreciate diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

As an advocate, Dr. Grollman works with community organizations and blog regularly to provide scholarly resources and knowledge, and to actively promote the dissemination of new research. They are also an intellectual activist who “speaks truth to power” about the injustices in academia through their public writing (primarily at Conditionally Accepted) and organizing (including through Sociologists for Trans Justice and efforts to end sexual violence). And, they contribute to their department, university, and discipline by serving on a number of committees and reviewing articles for academic journals.

Grants and Fellowships

Course Transformation Grant, Program for Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness, University of Richmond, 2014.

Ford Foundation Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship, 2010-2013.

Diversity Fellows Program, University of Wisconsin, 2010.

National Sexuality Resource Center grant to create a Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy chapter (Indiana University), 2008-2009.


2016: Faculty Ally of the Year (for LGBTQ students), Office of Common Ground, University of Richmond

Best Dissertation Award, Section on Mental Health, American Sociological Association. 2014.

SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award, 2013.

Karl F. Schuessler Award for Graduate Research, Department of Sociology, Indiana University, 2012.

1st Place Graduate Student Paper Competition Award, Midwest Sociological Society, 2012.

Outstanding Graduate Student Mentor Award, Department of Sociology, Indiana University, 2011.


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American Sociological Association
Scholars Strategy Network
Sociologists for Women in Society
Southern Sociological Society
Institutional Service

Founding co-chair, Sociologists for Trans Justice

Founder and former editor, blog.

Search Committee Member for Associate Director of LGBTQ Campus Life, Office of Common Ground, University of Richmond. 2016.

Co-Facilitator, enVision: A Social Justice Leadership Retreat, University of Richmond. 2015.

Advisory Group Member, Terms of Racial Justice, University of Richmond. 2013-present.

Member, Department Search Committee, University of Richmond. 2014.

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Grollman, Eric Anthony. 2017. "Sexual Health and Multiple Forms of Discrimination Among Heterosexual Youth." Social Problems 64: 156–175. doi: 10.1093/socpro/spw031  
Video about article

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Grollman, Eric Anthony. 2010. Bystander Intervention Curriculum. A report on sexual violence prevention curricula for Middle Way House, Bloomington, IN.

Ph.D., Indiana University 2013
M.A., Indiana University 2009
B.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County 2007
Sociology and Psychology
Contact Information
302E Weinstein Hall
(804) 287-6816
Areas of Expertise
Race and Ethnicity
Medical Sociology
Mental Health
Social Psychology
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